Tuesday, 3 June 2008

How to Hang with Strangeness

everywhere, people are stupid
everywhere, people are worn out

i have lived for a long time now
take this piece of advice

only open your skirt to strangeness
if you’re prepared to handle it, to sleep

through the sleepless nights, to cut
the fat and occasionally an eye.

don’t eat your mother, let heal
what is broken half-heartedly

only break ceramic gifts occasionally
cherish the rest half-seriously

give yourself 5 minutes of crying time
intermittently, don’t take anything personally

and prepare to let go of your personality,
your riches cannot help you now.

stitch its name in broad letters
then cross it out. find no time

to answer emails. play the game badly
head for disaster now and then

say you’re a horrible friend,
then watch what happens

in the corner of your eye.
say I infrequently with emphasis,

be empathetic to children in need
and don’t feed the monster

Monday, 2 June 2008


I am hovering about you,
a bee in a headdress,

a man in a dress, so ungodly
and ugly, the plants in your

sacred garden wither,
and take on odd colours

and then some. I am
busying myself in your bonnet,

your plastic face keeps resembling
my scary childhood clown face,

your fingers prodding the nowheres
of my body, and your general

staying away, which also hurts me
immensely, this red sticker face.